COVID-19 Policy

Luckily, since we limit our cast sizes already, we are able to more safely proceed this year. To better ensure the safety of all our students the following measures will need to be added.

  • Each student will have their temperature checked before entering the building. Any student with a fever won’t be allowed to enter the building.


  • All instructors and students will be wearing masks. All students will be asked to wear a mask while attending lessons, classes, and rehearsals. If your child doesn’t have a mask, please just have them inform us and we can provide one for them. 


  • Everyone’s personal items will remain separated. We will be providing a separate spot for each student’s personal items, in our Theatre, or classroom. (bag, script, water-bottle, mask, etc)


"Theatre is immediate, it's alive, you're there with the audience, it can't be done again and again and again and again, it's organic" ~ Kim Cattrall